Perkins Prickly Pals

Friendly, Faimly raised pets!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you ship? 

No, unfortunately we do not offer shipping at this time.

How often do you have babies available?

We usually have a litter born about every other month but we take a bit of a break in the summer time as I have two young boys who take up much of my time in the summer months.

I have filled out a form and haven't heard back from you?

I get tons of requests daily so I'm sorry I don't answer each response individually, if you have a question that you need to get answered right away please feel free to call me or email me directly. My phone number and email address are listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

I filled out the contact us form now what?

I will send out an email when I have a litter that is born letting everyone know that I will be taking deposits soon. In that email it will give a date on when I will start taking deposits, I do not take ANY deposits until the babies are at least two weeks old. When the babies are two weeks old I will post their pictures, genders and prices on the available babies page and send out another email with a link to that page asking for your top three choices and how you would like to place your deposit. The first people to get back to me will be able to place deposits.

I want a hedgehog but I live in Maine?

I have now sold quite a few hedgehogs to people in Maine and it's not all that difficult. You need to contact Fish and Wildlife and obtain TWO permits. One to own one and one to import one into the state. Once you have paid your fees you can then start the process of purchasing one. There is an additional $40 Vet check fee for people who live in Maine as you are required to have a vet check done before the hedgehog can be brought into the state.

Can I purchase a hedgehog from you with the intent to breed it?

I will only sell breeding hedgehogs to people who have a USDA license to do so.

What is your health guarantee?

I health* guarantee all of my hedgehogs for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. (*this does not cover cancers, lack or veterinary care, improper nutrition, inadequate housing or environment.)